Written by
Joshua Sustic


Written by
Joshua Sustic

  • To play on the server you need to have a working microphone and speak/understand English.
  • Never enforce rules by killing someone, if you see someone breaking the rules, go to the forums/teamspeak and report them via requesting staff.
  • Blocking vehicle spawns purposely will result in a punishment.
  • Exploiting bugs/glitching will result in a punishment.
  • No posting on player complaints you're not involved in.
  • Side chat is only to be used for Tweets for example “*Tweet* Can I get a pickup from Morrison?”
  • Combat logging will result in a punishment, the only way you may combat log is if you have permission from a Senior Administration Member (eg. Senior Admin +). If your “mother turned off the internet” you need to come back on teamspeak and alert an admin.
  • You cannot log off whilst waiting for a revive. You may only log off once you've re-spawned or have been revived and are out of an RP situation, if you need to log off while you’re dead you must contact a member of Senior Administration.
  • is out of bounds
  • Roleplay names must be a proper first and last name combination, E.g Will Teufel. Anyone with an unacceptable name will be warned once, after this warning a ban will be issued if the issue is not resolved.
  • No baiting (Aggravating a player to cause initiation, so they can be killed by yourself or another player)
  • Obtaining gear using unintended methods is bannable. IE taking gear from glitching/duping.
  • All players must be respectful and polite to all players & staff.
  • are not allowed to use any EMS vehicles / Gear unless on as EMS
  • can only play music through your microphone whilst in vehicle.
  • cannot use a voice changer.
  • cannot camp at a place for longer than 10 minutes. Once you have been there for 10 minutes you must leave, and you cannot come back for 20 minutes.
  • are not allowed to bait people to break rules.
  • can only have one forum profile.
  • Looting Dead Bodies Is not Allowed


  • We do not tolerate Lynch mobbing (hanging someone else out to dry or harassment topics about X player). We also do not tolerate members who cause drama either ingame, TS on the website or by other media. People messaging/dming/going in people's streams and harassing them because they died/dislike/disagree on a matter will be removed from the community. .
  • CAN ram other players vehicles at your own risk, If you ram a vehicle and destroy it/ kill the occupants then points and or comp will be issued.
  • a head on collision you can not continue with that situation (ie. Robbing someone, or arresting someone). You will have to let that person go.


  • cannot camp spawn points or rob the people in the spawn points.
  • cannot initiate on someone over side chat.
  • Initiation can only be done verbally, being ran over does not count as initiation
  • cannot rob someone within 15m of an ATM.
  • No fanboying
  • Going out of character around other players will result in points for fail rp.
  • Use common sense, if you are doing something idiotic you will get punished.
  • Using racial slurs or being homophobic to someone will result in a ban!
  • Combat reviving will result in failrp points.


  • If a gang member is breaking rules they will be punished. If the whole gang is breaking rules then a gang strike will be issued
  • SMT have the final say in gang strikes
  • Gangs can only have one gang leader and one co-leader.
  • Gangs may call for "Backup", The people who arrive as said backup must declare their presence and also have a clear intention, If you mean to do harm weapons must be drawn to show you're in fact a threat.
  • may kill people inside your gang area if they are entering your facility without permission, however, three warnings must be issued to the player to leave, if they are passing by you may not kill them without initiation.
  • Gangs may only have a maximum of 15 members, any more will result in members being kicked..


  • RDM stands for random deathmatch and it is a bannable offence.
  • are not allowed to kill anyone without any proper roleplay reason.
  • Shooting At Someone without Initiation, will be considered as attempted RDM and carries the same punishment as RDM (Whether you killed them or not)
  • are not allowed to use your vehicle to make someone unconscious then proceed to rob/arrest them.
  • VDM killing someone with a vehicle for no reason is not allowed unless it is self defense of yourself. EXAMPLE - If someone's standing in front of your vehicle with a gun, and they threaten your life and they are pointing the gun at you.
  • 're not allowed to use any air vehicle as a weapon for example, air-ramming, VDM or attempting to stop a car by landing on it.
  • cannot kill someone when you give a unreasonable demand. Example: Floor is lava get off or your dead.


  • If you have a weapon aimed at you when you do not have one un-holstered you must follow the demands of the weapon holder.
  • If you have been taken hostage you should follow the demands of the person who kidnapped you, If they feel you're not valuing your life by ignoring simple instructions you can be killed
  • Ignoring the emergency services and evading role play situations is failrp, for example, if a medic says you must go to hospital, you MUST go with the medic, you cannot walk off without ending the role play situation.


  • must vocally initiate on someone before causing them any harm
  • If you're threatening someone you must pose a threat, EG "Stop the car or you're dead" you must have a gun/weapon out for it to be classed as proper initiation
  • Initiation goes away if you lose LoS for more than 5 minutes
  • cannot initiate gun play with anyone when you are restrained. Example: Telling the cops that they need to let you go or they will be shot.
  • cannot initiate on someone twice within 15 minutes. You must give them a 15 minute break before initiating on the individual/group.
  • Being "Initiated" only lasts for approx 10 minutes from the initial contact, This means within 10 minutes you may still act on a previous initiation, after this time has expired it is RDM
  • can not initiate on someone when they are in an animation.
  • If you are being initiated by 3 people or more then you must comply unless the odds are in your favour or not that far off. (ie. 3 to 2 is you do not have to comply but 4 to 2 you would have to.)
  • need a valid reason to rob someone. Example: They need to have some sort of gear that you want (not clothes you spawn in), they have something of value, or they insult you.
  • If you are revived by a medic you can not reinitiate on the opposing party that was involved previously before your death for 10 minutes.


  • can only use the information that you gather when you are in game. You cannot use any information that you found not in game.
  • Do not use player death messages as a reason to kill someone (Aka X killed your friend)
  • Metagaming is not allowed, players found metagaming will be punished.
  • Texting someone with a threatening message isn't seen as metagaming.
  • Stream sniping is not allowed, anyone found doing this will be banned. Stream sniping is watching someone's stream to gather information.
  • Using roleplay as an excuse to break server rules is not allowed.
  • cannot power game, Example: I'm putting a gun to your head when you are driving. You can only use mechanics that are in game.
  • If you are detained/restrained you cannot use your radio.
  • must always value your life, for example if you are outnumbered 3-1 you must surrender. This doesn't mean that you don’t need to do value your life when there is less than 3 people.

MAJOR CRIMES Bank RobberyFederal Reserve RobberyHostage SituationDoC Raid  

  • There need to be at least 5 Police Officers onilne to start a major crime.
  • Only one major crime may happen at once.
  • Major crimes cannot be committed within 30 minutes of each other
  • are not allowed to start a bank robbery within 30 min of the server restating or 30 minutes prior before restart.
  • Any exchange of fire during a major crime will mean all negotiations are called off from both sides.
  • When a major crime is committed some form of negotiation must happen, the officer that approaches must have their weapon holstered
  • Must wait 10 seconds after negotiations are called off shooting before at the opposition
  • If a hostage taker executes a hostage before negotiations are called off, Police are permitted to open fire without waiting 10 seconds


  • Going into a green zone when you are in combat makes the green zone void. This means that you can be shot/killed/robbed.
  • Trash talking in a safe zone towards somebody makes the safe zone no longer valid meaning the person can initiate on you and rob/take you hostage etc.
  • No ramming/crashing in a safe zone.
  • No robbing in a safe zone.
  • No camping green zones (blatantly waiting for someone to leave, to rob or kill them | Decision at staff discretion)
  • Do not knock people out in a safe zone.
  • No shooting in a safe zone.
  • No trolling/spamming in a safe zone.
  • Being in a green zone doesn't give you the excuse to have your illegal weapon out.
  • The green zone are 15 meters around an atm and 50 meters around any spawn such as civilian spawn, police spawn, and EMS spawn.
  • CANNOT steal vehicles in a green zone.


  • are not allowed to return to your death location for 10 minutes. Your character does not remember any information from your previous life nor are you allowed to revenge the people that killed you. You still remember friends. You cannot remember any information from a previous life once dead. If you die due to RDM/VDM or a glitch, you may return and remember what happened.
  • Medics CAN NOT revive in a firefight
  • Once downed, you cannot remember the previous situations for 10 minutes after the attack. You cannot : Remember your attackers name, Description or vehicle type nor can you hunt for your attacker until the 10 minutes is over.
  • can not return to ANY situations which you've been involved in or active pursuits IF you've respawned. (Example - police that die at bank shouldn't return back to the bank nor chase people down south on respawn. This goes for Civs too they must not go back to the bank to re-engage in the activity.)


  • can only use the stream/video of someone else if your involved.
  • Evidence can only be in the way of screenshots/video.
  • must provide at least 2 minutes prior contact of the reported player in ANY evidence (more can be requested by staff)
  • Deleting evidence will be classed as tampering with evidence resulting in punishment.


  • Tasers must never be used on a vehicle or the people inside the vehicle, if this happens you will receive a warning points for fail roleplay.
  • Officers may randomly search if they have reasonable ground to do so, if this is abused you may be striked/removed.
  • Any sort of deal that the Erie County Police Department make with a gang must be forgotten after a server restart.
  • can not be punished for corruption unless there is evidence where your face is showing, if the cop's face is masked then the evidence becomes invalid, unless there is texts or any other sort of communication/confirmation of identity.
  • The police to civilian ratio is 1:2.


  • EMS cannot be robbed/killed(Can if they are not complying with orders)/taken hostage.
  • EMS is neutral.
  • EMS CANNOT carry any weapons.(Can't pick them up)
  • EMS vehicles are for EMS only, If you see someone stealing an EMS vehicle, Report it.
  • EMS are volunteers and should not be abused for any reason.
  • EMS caught breaking rules will be dealt with by EMS command, If you have any problems with EMS, please tell an EMS command member.
  • Only EMS may wear EMS gear.
  • EMS Can not out number Civs/Cops